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WellVR Looks To Use Scans Of Your Mind To Aid Your Meditation

Application changes things up based on your mood.

Stress. It affects many in different ways throughout their life, it can be small and bothersome, it can be truly life altering. It can kill. Stress is, in many ways, a silent killer that is difficult to treat and more difficult to admit to. In a world which is going by faster and faster and more and more demanding it is becoming a bigger problem for all.

There are virtual reality (VR) experience out there that promote a better mind, nDreams’ Perfect Beach comes to mind for example, and a new product from iGotcha Media is looking to join it on the HTC Vive.

Called WellVR it is specifically billed as a “stress management application”, that utilises both the HTC Vive as well as the Muse headband. Muse is a tool that gives you real-time feedback on what’s happening in your brain when you meditate and reacts to what your brain is doing by altering stimuli. Connected to the HTC Vive it looks to do the same thing, except this time changing your whole outlook in VR – both audio and video.

“It is widely accepted that meditation can reduce stress.” Greg Adelstein, iGotcha Media’s President said in a statement. “Furthermore, this type of application can improve focus and performance. Startup Fest was an ideal venue to unveil WellVR because it is home to a community of early adopters. The feedback that we received from users was overwhelmingly positive. WellVR is still in its early stages of development. It is very powerful because it offers virtually limitless flexibility to be tailored to individual needs and preferences.”

The product, first shown back in July Montreal’s Startup Fest although there appears to be little in the way of images or video of it in action. When VRFocus has more information we’ll update you further.

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