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What Dreams May Come: Media Molecule’s Studio Head Talks VR

Head of Media Molecule Siobhan Reddy talks about upcoming PlayStation VR title Dreams.

Siobhan Reddy, current studio head for Media Molecule, comes from a strong background of creativity, having worked in music production, web development and produced her own short films. This background and ethos informs how she manages the company which is set to produce its first virtual reality (VR) title with Dreams.

Media Molecule put themselves on the map with the creation of Little Big Planet, which appeared on the PlayStation 3 to great fanfare and positive reception. A community quickly grew up around it, using the built-in tools to create their own levels for other players to experience, including some truly astonishing creations. The developers at Media Molecule, including Reddy, hope that the sense of community and shared creativity will also be present in Dreams, a title which is designed to let players create and explore the hazy world of dreams.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Reddy spoke about the philosophy behind the creation of Dreams: “We wanted to create a jamming culture in the studio; when musicians jam together, there are all these happy little creative accidents that come out of the flow. That’s kind of what we wanted to get into, we wanted to allow games to be made in a flow state. It’s always about getting into that zone, and that is a really special place to be. That’s kind of what we’ve been wanting to achieve with Dreams. The big vision for us has been about bringing more people to that experience.”

Of bringing the title into VR, Reddy said: “It’s amazing. Seeing people create in Dreams in VR is amazing, and being able to wander through those worlds is amazing. It’s a total no-brainer for us to do that and to support it, because it’s just awesome. Every visitor that comes to our house wants to try VR. People who have no other interest in games are like, “Let me see it,” and then they are just always blown away.”

VRFocus will bring you further news on Dreams and other upcoming PlayStation VR titles as it becomes available.

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