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VPai Slide 360 Degree Camera Brings VR Live-Streaming to iPhone

VPai Slide offers integrated solution for 360-degree video to iPhone users.

360-degree video remains one of the most popular ways for users to create and engage with virtual reality (VR) content. Technology company VIA are launching a new video camera platform for 360-degree filming and panoramic still photographer aimed at the iPhone market.

The VPai Slide is designed to offer a complete package for iPhone users who wish to begin shooting 360-degree videos, or take panoramic still photos. The VPai Slide can shoot 360-degree photos at 5 mega pixels, and has a host of features for more dynamic photos and videos, such a time-lapse, various view modes such as Panorama, Asteroid, Crystal Ball and VR. The software is capable of live-streaming, so users can offer their footage directly to social media network such as Facebook or YouTube.

The hardware is designed to attach directly to an iPhone using an integrated Lightning connector and has its own battery and storage, so users wont need to worry about running out of power or storage space on their iPhone. If storage becomes an issue, the VPai Slide offers free cloud storage, which can also be then shared to other users or to social media networks.

“VIA continues to push the boundaries of ultra-portable 360-degree camera innovation with VPai Slide,” said Richard Brown, VP International Marketing, VIA Technologies, Inc. “This highly-integrated platform enables rapid entry to this fast-growing new market.”

Further information can be found on the VPai Website.

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