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ABI Research Predicts Mobile VR’s 6DoF Future

A report by ABI Research forecasts 40% of mobile and standalone VR market will use 6DoF by 2022.

When the HTC Standalone headset was announced at Google I/O earlier this year, some criticism was directed its way with regards to the decision to bundle the device with a 3DoF controller. It seems that criticism may have been on point, since a new report predicts the rise of 6DoF controls.

The 3DoF controllers for the HTC Standalone is very similar to the one offered with the Google Daydream, which makes sense since they rely on the same platform software, but as untethered and mobile virtual reality (VR) advances, audiences may not be keen to accept the limitations of a 3DoF controller.

HTC Vive Standalone including Controller

The report compiled by ABI Research indicates that consumer expectations for untethered and mobile VR are increasing. Current mobile VR is affected by what is termed the ‘screen door effect’ created by the relatively low resolution displays offered by smartphone-powered VR headsets such as the Google Daydream and Samsung Gear VR. Most devices in that category can only offer 1080p/2K resolution, which the report indicates will not be sufficient to meet consumer expectations and drive the market forward.

Accuracy is also becoming an increasing desire for consumers. The report indicates that VR devices utilising 6DoF controls will represent over 40% of the mobile VR and standalone combined market by 2022.

“A 6 DOF is the ideal goal and mobile and standalone VR devices are moving towards 6 DOF tracking to provide a total immersive experience. Mindmaze and uSens have announced 6 DOF position tracking solution for mobile VR devices, and Google announced Worldsense, a standalone VR device with 6 DOF,” notes Khin Sandi Lynn, industry analyst at ABI Research.

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