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Acer Upgrading Headstrap For MR Headset Before Consumer Release

The Windows 10 mixed reality headset from Acer will be getting some improvements before October release.

The development kit version of the Acer Windows 10 mixed reality (MR) headset became available through Microsoft’s online store early last month, with the initial batch quickly selling out. The consumer version is due to launch in October in line with the next Windows 10 creator’s update. Acer have revealed that the consumer version will be getting an updated headstrap.

When a device is designed to be worn – often for long periods – comfort is an important consideration. The development kit version of the Acer MR headset launched with a buckle-style strap, which required users to pull the strap tight around the back of your head to adjust it – something that many people find awkward.

The new strap shown on the Acer product page for the consumer version shows a different kind of strap. It features a different fit adjuster that is similar to those in use by other Windows 10 Mr headsets. The strap itself seems to be more durable, with weighting added to the back and a wider and deeper forehead area. These new features should improve balance as well as the adjustment of the device.

The front hinge for the headset remains unchanged, so users will still be able to quickly flip up the visor when needed. Some users were hoping for integrated audio, similar to the HTC Vive deluxe audio strap, but that feature does not appear to have been added.

The Acer headset, along with the Dell Visor and other Windows 10 MR headsets is expected to launch for consumers on 17th October, 2017.

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