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An Endless Runner Where You Do The Running? Hot Runback Wants You To Get Sweaty

“Stop, Forrest, STOP!”

“Have you ever actually run while playing runners?” Asks Yode Group, developers and publishers of Hot Runback. “Or you just sit and watch your character run on a smartphone screen without burning any single calorie?”

A newly released videogame on Steam for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Hot Runback takes the idea of an endless runner and brings it into the world of first-person VR.  You take on the role of the titular running back as you proceed to do your best Forrest Gump impersonation by grabbing hold of an American football and proceeding to run… and run… and run. Because if the opposition won’t stop you the boundaries of the stadium sure won’t.

You can run on as long as you can keep going in this procedurally generated world, but you will indeed have to run, or simulate running at least. There’ll still be obstacles like cars and the police, but you’ll be amazed at how much damage a ball can do if you hurl it at something in your way! (Or you can just dodge and avoid the obstacles which is kind of the whole point.)

The title is available on special promotion until October 4th at 40% off as such it is currently priced at £2.39 (GBP) down from £3.99. You can watch the trailer below. Who knows, you may soon find yourself collecting coins whilst running down the street, casually attacking market stalls with sporting equipment.

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