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ANMLY Hopes To Improve Audio For Mobile VR

New VR headset for mobile VR hopes to enter the market in time for Christmas season 2017.

For many people, mobile virtual reality (VR) will be their first experience of VR. This usually means hooking their smartphone up to Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream or Google Cardboard. ANMLY hope to offer another option with the Model A.

One of the issues with mobile VR can be sound quality. Unless you are content with the often tinny sound produced by smartphone speakers, you’ll need to plug in some headphones or ear buds. The ANMLY Model A removes that need with an over-ear design with built-in speakers.

ANMLY (pronounced anomaly) aimed to create am inexpensive, modular VR system that could delivery high-quality audio and video to users. The headset features 45mm lenses and built-in audio. The headset is designed to be modular, built from EVA foam, it is water resistant and hard-wearing and the various components can be swapped out for different styles and colours, allowing users to tailor the headset to meet their needs.

“Virtual reality is an exploding $4 billion dollar market, but there is almost no middle ground for everyday people to have a high-quality immersive experience using their smartphone,” said Mikie Krisztal, founder and CEO of ANMLY. “Either they are spending hundreds of dollars on a bulky PC-based system, need to have a specific phone and operating system, or are using a flimsy, bare bones headset without quality audio, none of which are ideal for the vast majority of people to explore VR content.”

The company are hoping to begin shipping the model A in time for Christmas shopping season. The Over-ear version is planned to retail for $80 (USD), while the on-ear version will be $70.

Further information can be found at the ANMLY website.

VRFocus will bring you further information as it becomes available.

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