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ANMLY Model A VR Headset Will Be Out In Time For Holidays

ANMLY Model A headset includes option for Lighting cable for iPhone users.

Earlier this month, virtual reality (VR) company ANMLY announced it was hoping to be able to release its Model A smartphone-based VR headset before Christmas 2017. The company has now confirmed that the product will launch in time for the Holiday Shopping Season.

The ANMLY Model A is designed to be an affordable VR system that can offer not only high-quality visuals, but also high-fidelity audio. The company noticed that many mobile VR users were having to reply on tinny smartphone speakers or the awkward process of plugging in their own headphones.

“What’s out there now on the market is too big, too expensive, or is unattractive and incompatible with your phone,” said Mikie Krisztal, founder and CEO of ANMLY. “On top of that, almost none of them have an audio solution. We set out to create something that is accessible, fully immersive, durable and portable.”

The ANMLY companion app gives access to a range of VR content, and the Model A is also compatible with several other VR apps, such as YouTubeVR, DiscoveryVR, Within and RelaxVR. The ANMLY Model A will cost $70 (USD) for the on-ear version, or $80 for over-ear version. In addition, users of the new iPhone have the option of paying an additional $10 for a Lighting cable, for the new iPhones which do not have a headphone jack

“There is so much untapped potential for virtual reality that consumers still don’t realize,” said Krisztal. “It’s been used to help ease anxiety and the symptoms of PTSD, and also in educational settings as an outlet to bring the experience of different cultures and places to students. It’s one thing to watch the Northern Lights on TV, but it’s something entirely different to stand under them and look up.”

VRFocus will bring you further information on ANMLY as it becomes available.

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