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AR Tool To Measure Rooms For Renovations

ARKit tool called Survey allows home owners to get a better picture of how renovations will look.

There are already several apps available that can use augmented reality (AR) help you see what a new TV or piece of furniture might look like in your home. Now one company has gone even further with the concept and have created an AR tool to measure your entire home.

Start-up company DigitalBridge created the measurement tool called Survey, which uses AR to create an accurate floor plan of a home by simply having the user walk around. The tool is aimed at users who wish to renovate their home, offering an easy-to-use digital ‘tape measure’ to make it easier for customers to test out new designs and layouts in their home.

David Levine, CEO of DigitalBridge, said: “Being unable to visualise what a new and expensive bathroom or kitchen would actually look like in their home has been a long-standing frustration for consumers – and a commercial challenge for retailers. That’s why we have developed Survey, and our upcoming Aspect design visualiser tool, to help transform the shopping experience for consumers.”

DigitalBridge created the app as a response to research that showed many home owners walked away from a potential kitchen, bathroom or bedroom design because they could not visualise how it would look when completed. The app has been designed for use with ARKit on iOS 11, though an ARCore version for Android is also in development.

“A new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom is usually one of the biggest investments people make after buying their home,” Levine continued, “So our AR technology essentially brings the showroom to customers so they can try out the products they like in accurately measured designs of their rooms.”

A video demonstration of the app is available to view below.

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