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Become A Real Life Ghost Hunter In Indie Title Ghost Theory

VRFocus spoke with developer Dreadlock Inc on their title that lets you experience real life haunted locations.

Dreadlock Inc’s indie title Ghost Theory finally found funding success, at the second bite of the cherry, over on Kickstarter last year and their year got even better following the announcement that they would be moving over to CryEngine and joining Crytek’s Indie Fund. VRFocus spoke to Quinten Buijs, Ghost Theory’s Scripter and Designer to find out how far they’ve gotten since then and just what they’re looking to achieve next.

Inspired by real-life haunted houses, locations and reports of paranormal activity, Ghost Theory is a first-person sandbox-style videogame where the player has to embark on ghost hunting missions, using different gadgets to transport you to various locations which the Dreadlock team went to in person. Taking two cameras they photographed them and scanned them measure out all the rooms. Creating the perfect representation of each site.

Ghost Theory naturally takes some inspiration from films like Ghostbusters, but plays more to the likes of a horror and psychological thriller drama like The Shining. You play as Barbara, a gifted paranormal investigator who can catch glimpses of ghosts. As you travel the world, you can use all the tools of modern science to collect data and find out about the background of a location, the ghost and the story. Each ghost has a different behaviour pattern and it’s up to the player to solve each ghost’s mystery history.

The videogame currently has one location inside a haunted house, and one location outside. Dreadlock Inc. are still looking for funding and investors to fully flesh out the videogame and aim to bring it to PC for VR and non-VR as well as on console for Xbox One and PlayStation VR. To help support them you can pre-order Ghost Theory here.

To find out more watch the interview below:

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