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Bethesda Will Be Offering VR Demos at VRDC

The HTC Vive Partner Pavilion will play host to Fallout 4 VR and DOOM VFR demos.

VRDC, the Virtual Reality Developers Conference will be happening soon in San Francisco. HTC Vive have their partner Pavilion ready for several demonstration of upcoming virtual reality (VR) titles, including several from Bethesda/id Software.

VRDC will be one of the few places where a demo of Fallout 4 VR and DOOM VFR will be available to try out prior to release. Fallout 4 VR will be available to try out at the event with complete core gameplay in place along with all-new combat, crafting and building systems. DOOM VFR, meanwhile, has been rebuilt entirely for the HTC Vive, so users can lay waste to the demonic hordes using the HTC Vive wands as guns.


Also being showcased at the HTC Vive Partner Pavilion will be a demo of Viveport Arcade, which allows operators to connect with developers for the distribution of VR content to location-based VR installations. The Viveport Arcade Manager (VAM) will also be available to check out, which is a software platform that allows staff at VR arcades and similar VR locations to manage multiple demo bays with a single admin machine, with access to over 600 pieces of VR content.

Also showcased at the HTC Vive Pavilion will be HordeZ, a 4-player VR co-op experience created by husband-and-wife team of Niklas Persson and Marie Goldberg, where players must band together to survive an onslaught of zombies and demons.

VRDC Fall will be taking place from 21st-22nd September, 2017 at the Hilton San Francisco, Union Square. Several VR, mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR) events and workshops are planned. Further information and tickets can be found on the official website.

VRFocus will continue to report on upcoming VR-related events.

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