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Boxfish Underwater VR Camera Gets Update

New software update allows for up to 3 hours of 360-degree high-definition footage to be recorded.

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in ocean. For many people, the chance to explore the ocean depths it out of reach, for reasons of cost, geography or other reasons. Researchers and educators have been using underwater 360-degree cameras such as the Boxfish to capture visions of underwater life, which will soon get a boost with its new update.

Boxfish Research have announced a significant upgrade for its Boxfish 360 camera. With the new software update, the Boxfish 360 camera can record up to three hours of continuous 5K ultra-high definition video or time-lapse photography on a single charge. A new post-production app is now available for Windows and Mac which offers an all-in-one solution for editing and sharing 360-degree videos.

Research and education organisations like Stanford University have been using the Boxfish 360 camera to capture footage of life under the ocean for the purposes of education, releasing an education virtual reality (VR) experience to show the devastating effects of ocean acidification.

“You’re not watching something, you’re doing it,” said communication Professor Jeremy Bailenson, whose Virtual Human Interaction Lab developed the VR experience, “You learn by doing. These are magic, teachable moments.”

“I’ve shot with several underwater 360 rigs, and the Boxfish 360 is by far the most reliable and easiest to use” says Danny Copeland, freelance underwater filmmaker and Media Manager for the Manta Trust. “And the way it handles is just like a regular underwater camera, with a single hatch to access the memory cards and a button to start and stop the recording. With the Boxfish 360 I don’t have to get up an hour before everybody else anymore.”

Further information on the Boxfish 360 camera, including prices and availability, can be found on the Boxfish Research website.

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