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Theseus screenshot

Bringing A Myth To Life In VR, Forge Reply Talk Theseus

Nina speaks to Producer Samuele Perseo about the VR title, coming to PC later this year.

You may well have seen the 360 degree trailer of Theseus on your Facebook timeline, Twitter, YouTube – or even on VRFocus. Following the videogame’s release on the PlayStation VR back in July, those on PC can look forward to play the it this Autumn on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Theseus screenshotBased around the popular Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur, Forge Reply have decided to bring elements not only from the myth but have added horror elements into the equation. This is evident in the design of both the Minotaur and the of Ariadne who acts as a spirit guide for the players, telling them what to do. Theseus can played in third-person and Samuele Perseo, Producer at Forge Reply explains in the interview below that the camera follows you during dramatic moments and is fixed at other times. Although in general the player has control of the camera.

With two to three hours of gameplay, Theseus is heavily reliant on generating atmosphere which it achieves through 3D audio, allowing you to perceive things around you. Perseo wants the player to feel immersed in the atmosphere and world they’ve created. With the combination of third-person and 3D sound, Perseo hopes that users are willing to try a different kind of immersion and narrative that wouldn’t feel the same without the headset. Theseus comes to a natural end, as per the mythbut Forge Reply noted they are looking forward to develop and evolve more stories and videogames with what they’ve learned from Theseus and the use of Unreal Engine.

Check out the video below for Nina’s full interview and be sure to follow us on YouTube for more coming very soon.



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