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Catatonic Director’s Next Film ‘Night Night’ to Launch Dark Corner’s VR Horror app

The Dark Corner app will feature Night Night, Catatonic, Mule, Knives, Burlap, Sonar, The Invisible Man, and 11:57 at launch.

Dark Corner, the Los Angeles-based VR studio founded by Catatonic and Mule director Guy Shelmerdine, has announced in conjunction with producing partner MPC VR its latest horror film Night Night will premiere at New York Film Festival 2017 this month. Additionally, the premiere will also serve as the launch pad for Dark Corner’s new VR app.

Directed by Shelmerdine, co-written by Teal Greyhavens, and co-produced by Dark Corner Studios, MPC VR and Unit Sofa, Night Night chronicles a boy’s journey into the nightmarish realm beyond his closet where killer clowns prowl and a world of terror beyond all imagination awaits.

Still from VR experience Night Night. Courtesy of Dark Corner. Photo Credit: Matej Tresnak.

Built using Vusr by Secret Location, the Dark Corner app will initially feature eight immersive experiences that are both cinematic and hair-raising when it launches on 29th September: Night NightCatatonicMuleKnivesBurlapSonar, The Invisible Man, and 11:57.

“Dark Corner is the new destination for thrilling experiences helmed by some of the most innovative filmmakers working in VR today,” said Shelmerdine in a statement. “While most entertainment VR apps offer a mixed bag of content, our goal is to deliver a highly curated selection of exhilarating experiences to a specific audience that loves genre in all its forms.”

“We don’t claim to have all the answers about the future of VR, but we do know that people want to have their socks knocked off when they put on a headset,” added Teal Greyhavens, Head of Content for Dark Corner. “Our model is about providing a consistent stream of cinematic experiences that emphasize storytelling and suspense, while remaining accessible and engaging for mainstream audiences.”

The Dark Corner app, available for iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, and Oculus Rift, will feature both free and paid content. For any further updates keep reading VRFocus.

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