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Corona Offers A Connection With Nature With VR

REsidents of Mexico City can walk through a jungle to an unspoiled beach thanks to VR installation.

Mexican beer brand Corona is joining with several other makers of alcoholic beverages in using virtual reality (VR) as a means to market its product and bring unique experiences to its customers. The company’s current aim to to reconnect people in Mexico City with nature.

Mexico City is one of the world’s most populous cities, home to over 20 million people. As a result of geography and restrictions of money, most people in the city have little opportunity to get outside the city and experience nature. Corona are using VR to change that.

Creating a VR installation, Corona have combined theatrical tricks with VR to give visitors the feeling of being immersed in nature. Using sand, heat, wind and scents, Corona have created an experience that lets users travel along a virtual path from the lush jungle to an unspoiled beach.

“The inspiration for this project was to alleviate a tension for people and that required us to go beyond traditional advertising,” said Thiago Zanettini, Global VP Corona. “We leveraged cutting edge technology in a meaningful way to bring to life the brand’s purpose. To live up to that purpose, we hope to do more initiatives like this next year in our homeland of Mexico and beyond.”

Corona’s ‘Secret Paradise’ VR installation was created by Wieden+Kennedy and the Department of New Realities. The event is being held at the Gral Prima in Mexico City and is due to continue across two weekends.

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