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Crafting the Fallout 4 VR Experience

Bethesda Lead Producer for Fallout 4 VR Andrew Scharf speaks about the experience of creating the title.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is still a very popular RPG, enjoyed by players all over the world. As a result, anticipation for its conversion into virtual reality (VR) has been highly anticipated, with attendees at events where it has been demonstrated lining up to get a chance to play.

Fallout 4 VR will include all the base content from the original videogame, including the various locations such as the Glowing Sea, The Starlight Drive-In or your home at Sanctuary as well as the various characters and missions. Bethesda recently revealed the thoughts of Lead Producer Andrew Scharf as he spoke about creating Fallout 4 VR with a post on its official blog.

Regarding modifications that have been made for VR, Scharf said: “It’s the entire game, from beginning to end. We’ve changed some things, like the VATS system. In Fallout 4, you line up your shots, then a replay camera plays to show the carnage, but that takes camera control away from the player and can make you pretty uncomfortable in VR, so instead, time slows down at the player can teleport around to get the best angle,” he continued, “When I was playing the game, there’s a section where a bunch of ghouls charge towards me. I turned on VATS, shot on in the arm, swung around him to shoot him in the leg, deactivated VATS and watched him fall at my feet.”

Speaking about the power armour combat, “We’ve redesigned the HUD for the power armour. So you’re looking out from where you would be with the helmet on. We’ve also scaled the player up, to make you feel more powerful. Combat in general we’re supporting melee weapons, so you can swing that bat around and tear people apart. It’s great.”

You can watch the rest of the video interview below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Fallout 4 VR as it becomes available.


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