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Crytek Adds HTC Vive Support to Robinson: The Journey

This is Crytek’s first release for HTC Vive.

Crytek’s dinosaur filled sci-fi adventure Robinson: The Journey first arrived for PlayStation VR back in November 2016 before being ported to Oculus Rift a few months later. Today, the studio has announced that HTC Vive owners will now be able to play the title.

The Steam update which Crytek has released not only adds HTC Vive support but also Oculus Touch – which was already available through Oculus Home. Players who own Robinson: The Journey for Oculus Rift on Steam will also be able to use HTC Vive.

Robinson The Journey screenshot

“We are very excited to be bringing Robinson to a new platform and to introduce Vive owners to the mysterious planet of Tyson III,” said Producer Fatih Özbayram in a statement. “The game fully supports Vive’s motion controllers, and we’ve mapped a wide range of actions to player’s hand movements which delivers a new, really immersive way to experience the game.”

Robinson: The Journey casts players as Robin, a boy that’s left stranded on an alien world called Tyson III after his ship crash lands. But Robin isn’t alone, he’s accompanied by an AI companion called HIGS, and together they must survive the harsh environment and dangerous inhabitants as they search for the lost crew, solving puzzles and unearthing the planet’s secrets along the way.

This is Crytek’s first release for HTC Vive available for download from Steam for $39.99 USD / €39.99 EUR / £34.99 GBP.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Crytek, reporting back with any further VR updates.

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