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Dark Eclipse screenshot

Dark Eclipse MOBA Coming To PlayStation VR

Hybrid MOBA/RTS title Dark Eclipse will be released some time in 2018.

Despite the popularity of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA, genre of videogames, for the most part they have yet to make the jump to virtual reality (VR). That may be about to change, since Sony showcased a VR MOBA called Dark Eclipse at the Tokyo Game Show.

Described as a hybrid between the Real-time strategy and MOBA genres, Dark Eclipse will allow players to choose three characters from a roster of over 20, and then set forth to battle. Users will need to get a grip on topology and terrain, keep an eye on the opponent’s strategy as they aim to capture the most territory. You win by forcing your opponent to retire his characters or by destroying their base.

Developer SunSoft says the intuitive nature of VR control schemes will change the paradigm for simulation and strategy titles. Dark Eclipse is due to be released on the PlayStation VR some time in 2018. It is not yet known if the title will be released in the West.

You can watch a trailer video for Dark Eclipse below.

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