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Dell Visor

Dell’s Mixed Reality Headset Named ‘Visor’, Controller Bundle Revealed

IFA is bringing a lot of info for the range of Windows 10 Mixed Reality headsets.

Dell has revealed that the company’s upcoming mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) for Windows 10 will be known as ‘Visor’. The product was already confirmed to be launching later this year at $349.99 USD with controllers also set to be available for $99.99, but now a retail bundle package has been revealed containing both for $449.99.

Dell VisorThe Dell Visor takes advantage of the same technology used in the Microsoft HoloLens, including inside-out tracking cameras and a 360 degree panoramic view. The HMD itself is able to scan surroundings instead of satellite emitters positioned inside the room. The HMD includes a flip-up visor for convenient transitions between the real world and VR, and also features cushioned head and face padding, thumbwheel band adjustment for comfort, and smart weight balancing that takes pressure off the nose and cheeks.

Additionally, Dell Visor controllers offer flexibility with six degrees of freedom (6 DoF) of movement in a three-dimensional space. The controllers allow users total control with force feedback, thumb stick and buttons fully tracked by sensors in the headset.

Dell had already confirmed that the Visor would be shown at IFA today, and while pre-orders for some Windows 10 Mixed Reality HMDs are available, the Visor is not yet one of them.

Set to launch in the U.S. later this year for $349.99 (headset) and $99.99 (controllers) or $449.99 (headset and controllers kit), the Dell Visor will be available at Microsoft and select Best Buy stores. More details are expected at the Microsoft keynote at IFA later today, and VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details.

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