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Detached Race Mode Goes Live

Anshar Studios improve the multiplayer experience with the addition of Race Mode to race in space.

Last month developer Anshar Studios announced it was working on a new update to space combat title Detached that would bring in some improvements to the multiplayer parts of the videogame. That update is now live and available down download.

The new update includes a new ‘Race Mode’ that lets players challenge each other to a race through space in an EVA suit. Participation in this mode requires the player to have mastered the control of the advanced EVA suit as players will need to navigate carefully around the wreckage of the destroyed spaceship and even a small error can prove fatal.

A leaderboard has also been added in the new update, which is available in all game modes, and the developers have made creating and joining a game a more seamless experience with the private lobby, where players can select a control scheme and game mode before diving in.

For those who prefer single player, Simulation mode has been added. This adds increased realism to the title, with an enhanced weightlessness. Users can use this mode to hone their flight suit skills by carefully plotting routes through the debris field and discovering what it feels like to be an astronaut on a space walk.

Detached is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and OSVR. Control methods supported by the title include gamepads such as the Xbox One controller, keyboard and mouse, or tracked motion controllers. It is currently priced at £18.99 (GBP) on Steam.

For further details, check out the VRFocus review of Detached, where we said: “Detached is a beautiful videogame, the first time you leave the space station spend a moment to take in the awe and majesty of the surroundings before getting on with things.”

VRFocus will bring you further news on Detached and other upcoming VR titles as it becomes available.

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