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Digital Domain Space Plans to Open VR Theaters in China

Content will include Digital Domain’s signature series, Monkey King, Micro Giant and Legend of the Naga Pearls.

Production house Digital Domain, which has created virtual reality (VR) experiences like Monkey King and Micro Giants, as well as a VR app for its original content, has announced a collaboration with Poly Capital and Hony Capital, to establish Digital Domain Space, a VR theatre subsidiary in China.

Digital Domain Space’s VR theaters will be installed inside and outside cinemas to provide cutting-edge VR experiences. As guests wait for movies to begin, Digital Domain Space will present consumers with VR content using the latest tech, whilst building upon the cinemas product and advertising placement.

Digital Domain VR App

Mr Daniel Seah, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Digital Domain, said in a statement: “It is our pleasure and honour to collaborate with Poly Capital and Hony Capital. Digital Domain Space is a real milestone of Digital Domain’s business, symbolizing our specialisation and strengths of creation on VR content, which are being expanded to off-line platforms. The upcoming grand opening of VR theaters indicates Digital Domain is progressively building and expanding the VR industry, especially from online to offline, direct consumer platforms. Digital Domain is already renowned for creating breathtaking Hollywood special effects. This knowledge and existing resources will be extremely useful in the collaboration. Along with the brands’ collective strengths and capabilities, this will bring new ideas and innovation to the VR industry.”

Digital Domain plans on providing a VR experience that can’t be attained at home, with the company saying it ‘has invented and designed holistically ergonomic facilities’, incorporating advanced visual and audio equipment.

In addition to Digital Domain’s signature series, Monkey KingMicro Giant and Legend of the Naga Pearls, Digital Domain Space’s VR theaters will also provide its partners with VR content and videogames, for a variety of immersive options.

The company hasn’t yet confirmed when these VR theatres will be rolled out. When it does VRFocus will keep you updated.

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