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Discover What’s In The Box With AR

Upcoming AR iPhone app powered by ARKit offers free daily content.

Since the launch of the ARKit by Apple, a number of companies have been experimenting with its capabilities. Augmented reality (AR) content creators 8ninths are taking advantage of the powerful AR tools available in ARKit to allows iPhone users to receive interactive daily content from The Box AR.

Every day, users of The Box AR will receive virtual package in an opaque white box that can be opened to reveal a short-form AR experience for smartphone. The Box may contain collectable characters, interactive pets, art tools, environmental filters. Content can be collected and then re-assembled by users to be shared with friends or on social media.

THE BOX is our vision for the future of marketing in Augmented Reality,” says 8ninths CEO Adam Sheppard. “This novel ‘Short Form AR’ format has the potential to become a daily way for users to receive mind blowing new content and share with others. We think that brands will be excited to be able to connect with their audience through this novel format in a way they’ve never been able to before. These brief escapes from the real world are almost like a daydream, changing your mood and environment for a short time – without having to wear a headset.”

The upgrade to iOS will allow all iPhone users who own a model 6s upwards, along with some iPad users to access the enhanced capabilities of the ARKit. A release date for iOS 11 has not yet been confirmed, but once it is available, iPhone users will be able to download The Box AR for free from the Apple App Store.

A video demonstration of The Box AR is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on The Box AR and other ARKit apps as it becomes available.

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