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DWVR Shoots Towards PlayStation VR Release with New Trailer

DWVR aims to give players the experience of being an action hero.

Virtual reality (VR) action shooter DWVR was released on to Steam Early Access for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift late in 2016. The title has now been announced as heading to PlayStation VR with a new trailer.

The fast-placed shooter involves the player utilising a variety of different weaponry to battle enemies. Weapons available include swords, guns and even magic spells. The developers Mad Triangles are an independent development studio who have aimed to create fast-paced gameplay where the motion controllers become extensions of your arm, emphasising the intuitive design.

Locomotion is handled in two ways, teleportation or smooth motion. Smooth motion locomotion was added as an option after high demand from the player base, who were no longer satisfied with teleportation options, an increasingly common refrain from VR gamers.

The version coming to PlayStation VR is expected to run at 90fps on a PlayStation 4 Pro, 60 on the regular PlayStation 4. Graphics have remained the same as the PC version. Supported controls include Dual Shock, AIM Controller and Move Controllers. Smooth movement options are only available with AIM Controller or Dual Shock.

A firm release date is yet to be set, but the development team are hoping for a 26th September, 2017. If this date is missed for whatever reason, the release is likely to be pushed back to 3rd October, 2017. The price point is expected to be $14.99 (USD), which matches up with the price for the PC version.

The version on the PlayStation VR is the full release, not the early access version, and all additional features on the PlayStation VR version are expected to head to the PC version soon.

You can watch the trailer for the PlayStation VR version of DWVR below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on DWVR as it becomes available.

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