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Explore the Deep Places of the Earth In Echo Grotto

Cave exploration title will be coming soon to Steam and Viveport for HTC Vive.

The experience of caving, spelunking and potholing can be very exciting, seeing hidden underground worlds that sunlight doesn’t reach. It can also be dangerous, however. New Zealand indie videogame developer Gaugepunk Games are offering a safer version with upcoming virtual reality (VR) spelunking and caving exploration title Echo Grotto.

Utilising a cel-shaded art style and careful application of procedural generation to create a labyrinth of underground caves, tunnels and caverns for the player to explore, players can use caving gear and tools to locate, explore and map out a variety of caves. With features such as lichen, ferns, bioluminescence, stalactites, shimmering water pools and strange rock formations all available to find.

Gameplay is largely built around exploration and mapping. Developers Gaugepunk have created a system of random generation where various elements are ‘shuffled’ together, though each element is individually crafted, so each element can combine in a unique way. Each time the player enters Echo Grotto, loot, landmarks and maps will be differently arranged, and the cave systems will be vastly different each time.

A release date for Echo Grotto has yet to be confirmed, but the developers say it will be ‘Coming Soon’ to HTC Vive on Steam and Viveport. It is not yet known if there are plans for the title to be posted to other platforms. A price point has yet to be set.

A teaser trailer for Echo Grotto is available to view below.

VRFocus will bring you further news on Echo Grotto as it becomes available.

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