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Google Earth VR Street View

Explore the World from Street Level as Google Earth VR adds Street View

Street View imagery is available from 85 countries.

Since December 2016, HTC Vive users (April 2017 for Oculus Rift) have been able to explore the planet in virtual reality (VR) thanks to Google Earth VR. Now the company has released a new update that enables users to get an even closer look at the world around them using Street View.

With the addition of Street View to Google Earth VR users will be able to fly down to street level, check their controller to see if a 360-degree photo is available and dive right in. The image appears as a ball atop the controller which you just put your head inside. Street View imagery is available from 85 countries.


Google Earth VR gives you the ability to flyover the Grand Canyon, explore the streets of Tokyo, head to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, discover the hidden gems of the Amazon rainforest and much much more. Besides being able to wander around the planet however you like, the software also provides cinematic tours and hand-picked destinations like the Manhattan skyline or Swiss Alps to provide a learning experience as much as a good view.

The Google Earth VR app is free for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you happen to own Google Daydream or Cardboard then there’s always the Street View app.

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