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Farpoint, Starblood Arena and DriveClub VR All Get Price Drops

Three PlayStation VR titles have their prices quietly dropped to £24.99.

Owners of the PlayStation VR may well wish to boot up their consoles and take a peek at the PlayStation Store. With little fanfare or announcement, three virtual reality (VR) titles for the console have had their prices quietly dropped in the UK/EU region.

Though you won’t be able to download a PlayStation Aim controller to go with it, on the PlayStation Store right now, sci-fi shooter Farpoint is available with a huge 50% discount, bringing the price down to a respectable £24.99 (GBP). Since the Cryo Pack DLC is free, users can also pick that up to extend their outer space shooting adventure a little further.

Farpoint Pre-Order Bonus

Also knocked down to £24.99 is Starblood Arena, the unique arena shooter that sees players piloting individualised space ships all with their own unique weapons and attributes, such as soldier Elsa in her versatile ship Mandible, or fast but fragile assassin Blade and his ship Raptor. For users who are keen to try out the 6DoF controls, this is the perfect opportunity.

For those who want to experience what its like to drive a high-end sports car in immersive VR can have a look at DriveClub VR, which has also been dropped to £24.99. DriveClub VR offers most of the best features from the non-VR version, along with some of the packs from the rather extensive collection of DLC packs. Users will be able to race over 80 cars on over 100 tracks.

VRFocus will continue to report on the latest offers and deals on VR hardware and software.

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