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Tales of Glacier screenshot

Fight the Ice Dragon in Tales of Glacier on HTC Vive

A new HTC Vive exclusive has launched today on Steam.

Tales of Glacier has made its debut on Steam today, exclusively available for the HTC Vive. A first-person tower defence videogame designed specifically for virtual reality (VR), Tales of Glacier tasks the player with commanding various magical abilities as they face-off against a giant ice dragon.

Tales of Glacier screenshot

Tales of Glacier sets the scene with a snowy land protected by a God. A dragon once attempted to invade the land, destroying everything in its path until the God fought a life-and-death battle with the dragon in order to protect the residents. The dragon was eventually defeated, and to prevent a further invasion the God built a magic gate and sent guardians to garrison there. You are one such guardian, and the dragon is set to return.

A variety of weaponry is at your disposal to defeat the dragon and its minions, including dual-wielded swords with a power-charge attack, magical wands which can launch a selection of different spells, and a bow and arrow set which can fire multiple shots simultaneously. The player will have to evaluate the unique abilities of each weapon to find the weaknesses of the varied enemies in the videogame.

The debut VR title from Shenzhen Penang Culture Technology Co., Ltd, Tales of Glacier is available to download via Steam now, priced at £4.79 GBP. The debut trailer for Tales of Glacier follows below and VRFocus will keep you updated with any future VR titles from Shenzhen Penang Culture Technology Co., Ltd.

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