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RED Hydrogen One image

Further Details About RED Holographic Phone Display

REd Hydrogen One expected to use light field technology for holographic display.

When RED first announced its upcoming Hydrogen One smartphone, the claim that the device would come with a holographic display generated much speculation. Further information has now emerged giving an insight into how the device would function.

RED CEO Jim Jannard has revealed that the holographic display is being created in partnership with a company spun off from Hewlett Packard labs called Leia Inc. The company is mostly know for its work in light field holographic display. That the company uses light field holographic technology is a significant indicator towards what technology the Hydrogen One will be using.

Light field displays work by using several layers of LCDs with what is called a ‘directional backlight’ which allows the user to see two views of the same object with each eye, producing a 3D effect. This allows something like a phone to be rotated to appear to project an object out from the screen. The main obstacle is that viewing angles are limited.

Leia Ltd says that it uses: “Recent breakthroughs in nano-photonic design and manufacturing to provide a complete light field ‘holographic’ display solution for mobile devices.” and can produce holographic displays that can also operate like a normal smartphone display when the light field is not in operation.

A video demonstrating some of Leia Ltd light field holographic technology is available to view below.

RED are anticipating commercial release of the Hydrogen One smartphone in the first half of 2018, functional prototypes of the device are expected to appear in the next few months.

VRFocus will bring you further information on the RED Hydrogen One as it becomes available.

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