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Gunheart screenshot

Gunheart Update Adds new Weapons, Elite Mode, PVP Levels and More

There’s a 15% discount available on Steam until 7th September.

In July Drifter Entertainment launched its co-op first-person shooter Gunheart on Steam Early Access. Now the studio has released its first major update for the title, adding not only new features but also several improvements and bugfixes.

So what included? Well to start off with there are now Gibs – as Drifter calls them. Basically blowing apart alien hostiles will now leave behind lots of squishy body parts, plus there are new death animations.

Gunheart screenshot 1

As for weapons there’s the Death Disc for close range combat, which players swing around for some slice and dice carnage. And there’s a new combo weapon – where players bring both guns together – a destructive Rocket Launcher. This can be upgraded to the rockets flight path.

How about some new challenges as well. Several environments now have night mode missions and an elite mode is now available for those players looking for a tougher experience. On the PVP side a new team objective mode has players fighting over control of money pumps, while several new levels built specifically for PVP have been added.

That’s not all, a shooting range is available through the Bent Horizon hub, an experimental Holoscope upgrade can be unlocked for the pistol, and the default crosshairs are now adaptive to the scene colour so that they’re always visible.

Gunheart is currently available on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with a limited time discount. Until 7th September, customers can get a 15 percent discount, dropping the price from £26.99 GBP down to £22.94. The offer isn’t available on the Oculus Store.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Gunheart and Drifter Entertainment, reporting back with the latest updates.

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