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HoloGrid: Monster Battle Recreated With ARKit

Star Wars-inspired AR boardgame will be coming to iOS11.

Since the release of Apple’s ARKIt, many companies have been keen to take advantage of its enhanced augmented reality (AR) capabilities. Tippett Studio have announced they are also using the ARKit to make a new version of HoloGrid: Monster Battle.

HoloGrid: Monster Battle is inspired by the holo-chess scene in the original Star Wars movie, and was developed in partnership with Phil Tippett, the visual effects expert responsible for creating that very scene. Featuring monsters designed by Tippett and a gameplay style combining videogame and board game elements, HoloGrid: Monster battle has previously seen versions on Samsung Gear VR, Google Tango platforms and Microsoft HoloLens.

The developers say that the iOS11 ARKIt version of HoloGrid: Monster Battle isn’t simply a port of the existing videogame, but rather a completely new version that has been re-built from the ground up using the ARKit toolset.

As the development team said on the Kickstarter update page: “This means you can keep playing your current version with the cards without any issues. This new app has new Spells, new Arenas and very soon, new Monsters! It’s going to be FREE, so we highly encourage you to check it out! There is a whole new leveling up mechanic, and new competitive arena based match making! As you can see from the screenshot, there is now a “scale” feature and you can play the game “Harry Potter Chess” style, or smaller, on any table top or flat surface. It uses AR Kit, so there are no longer cards needed. This is “markerless” AR.”

The developers have submitted the new version of the title for Apple and are currently awaiting approval, so a release date is yet to be confirmed.

VRFocus will bring you further new on HoloGrid: Monster Battle and ARKit as it becomes available.

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