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Horror Title Death Horizon Coming Soon to Gear VR

A Google Daydream version is also in the works.

With Samsung Gear VR’s massive user base developers are continuing to support the platform with evermore immersive titles for users to play. Due for release on the mobile headset soon is a horror experience from Dream Dev Studio called Death Horizon.

A zombie themed first-person shooter (FPS), Death Horizon takes places in the secret Horizon laboratory where a deadly virus has broken free, turning all the employees into ravenous flesh eating monsters. To save humanity players will need to explore the dimly lit corridors to find the station’s reactor and stop the virus spreading.

Death Horizon screenshot 1

Built specifically for mobile VR, the videogame arms players with three different weapons, a shotgun, assault rifle and heavy machine gun to dispatch the undead hordes. Movement through the station is handled by preset points rather than free-roaming to help make it a comfortable experience for all.

Due for release on Gear VR as well as Google Daydream, Dream Dev Studio expects the Gear VR version to be released by the end of September with a Daydream launch date to be announced.

As further details on Death Horizon are released VRFocus will keep you updated.

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