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Hurl VR Launches On Steam

Pinball-inspired physics puzzler will be out today on Steam for HTC Vive.

Pinball-inspired puzzle title Hurl VR is being launched today for HTC Vive. Players will be able to practice their tactical physics skills in this neon-lit arcade title.

Developer Rusty Oak has announced that its debut title Hurl VR will be available from today, 12th September, 2017 on Steam for the HTC Vive. Inspired by the fast-paced physics action of ricochets, bumpers and flippers of pinball, and borrowing from that neon-lit classic pinball aesthetic, Hurl VR challenges players to throw a projectile in the correct way to bounce it off platforms and hit the goal.

Each different platform has its own type of properties, such as higher bounce, or speeding up the ball, or even teleporting the ball elsewhere. Players will need to learn how to take advantage of those properties to advance through the levels.

Hurl VR is our tribute to the arcade Pinball machines we loved as kids and we are delighted to launch it on Steam,” said Petras Malinauskas, Co-Founder at Rusty Oak, “We’ve borrowed the premise and atmosphere from the original Pinball tables and time-travelled the concept into the 21st century by transferring it to virtual reality and embracing players’ physical aspects to make it a more individualized and immersive experience.”

On launch there will be 30 levels available to play, with new challenges and new platform types being added every few levels.

Hurl VR will be priced at $4.99(USD)/£3.99(GBP). Further information and updates can be found on the Steam store page.

Keep an eye out for the VRFocus review of Hurl VR coming later today.

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