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Improved iPhone AR Capabilities Produces The Machines

ARKIt and Unreal Engine combines to create AR strategy title The Machines.

The Apple event at the brand new Steve Jobs theatre revealed details of iPhone 8, the next version of Apple’s signature device. Since the launch of ARKit, there has been much excitement over the possibilities offered, which saw fruition with a presentation at the event.

Atli Mar from Directive Games presented a demonstration of The Machines, a title which allows for competitive multiplayer in augmented reality (AR), one of the first titles to implement this. AR allows users to use their position in the real world to gain an advantage, by moving to a tactically superior position.

Using Unreal Engine to create high-quality graphics, and the ARKit surface detection to project a complete 3D rendered battlefield on to a table top, floor or other surface, users will be able to move around the battlefield and see their forces move in real time, supported by the power of the new iPhone8.

Players can control either the rebellious human faction, or the powerful robot hive-mind, creating and deploying different kinds of robots and putting up defences to protect their home base from attack.

Further information can be found at the official The Machines website.

The developers of The Machines expect the title to be available on the Apple App Store later this month when the iOS 11 update rolls out.

VRFocus will bring you further information on The Machines as it becomes available.

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