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Intel and Blueprint Reality Collaborate on Mixed Reality Tool MixCast

MixCast VR is available today as a monthly subscription on Steam.

Earlier this year Blueprint Reality released a suite of tools called MixCast VR designed to make the creation and distribution of mixed reality (MR) videos simple. Today the company has announced a partnership with Intel to help bolster and expand the suite.

Virtual reality (VR) developers are beginning to utilise MR videos as a way of showcasing what it’s like to be in their VR title. Unless you’ve actually got the headset on and are playing whatever videogame or experience it may be, trying to convey that sense of immersion to the public – especially if they’ve never tried VR before – can be especially difficult.

MixCast VR Studio image 2

Quite what the partnership aims to achieve hasn’t been overly detailed, with Intel press release simply stating the: “Blueprint Reality partnership marks a milestone in Intel’s ongoing commitment to evolve the VR experience.” Followed by: “For developers of VR content, educators demonstrating complex concepts or Twitch personalities who livestream their experiences, Intel’s compute power enables MixCast to provide near-instantaneous renderings of content.”

The MixCast Studio application is available today as a monthly subscription on Steam. For VR content developers seeking to enable MixCast support within VR games and experiences, the free MixCast SDK can be found at the Blueprint Reality website.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Intel and Blueprint Reality, reporting back with further updates.

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