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Into The Rhythm VR Launching on Steam

VR rhythm drumming title coming to HTC Vive on 19th September, 2017.

It has been noted before that HTC Vive wand controllers make for excellent drumsticks. Into The Rhythm takes advantage of this to create a virtual reality drumming experience, complete with modding tools for players to add in their own music.

NTWO Studio have created a rhythm game for the HTC Vive that allows users to not only drum along with songs already included in the price, but also offers the tools to add new songs and create custom note charts.

As with other titles in the rhythm genre, notes will fly towards the player and the player needs to hit the right coloured pad at the right time, but some new twists have been added with the inclusion of tracked motion controls, which mean that various little flourishes and tricks are possible for users to enjoy.

20 songs are included by default, available at various difficulties and speeds, so users can choose a comfortable setting, or choose to challenge themselves with a higher difficulty. 2D and VR creation tools are included to allow users to create and edit music to add to Into the Rhythm VR, and using the Steam Workshop, new note charts thus created can be shared with other users.

Even though the images on screen and shown in your headset are shaped like drums, that isn’t the only music they can handle, users can play guitar, keyboard or bass according to preference.

Into the Rhythm VR will be released on to Steam for the HTC Vive on 19th September, 2017. A price point is yet to be confirmed, nor is it known if there are plans to port the experience to another other VR platform.

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