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Inuitive Announces New Vision Processor For VR/AR

New NU4000 multi-core image processor has Deep Learning for VR/AR depth sensing.

As the virtual reality (VR) market advances, many companies are searching for more powerful processors to run the hardware. One company that is seeking to provide for this need is Inuitive, who have introduced a new vision processor aimed at VR and augmented reality (AR) applications.

The new NU4000 multi-core image processor supports 3D imaging, deep learning and computer vision processing for applications such as AR/VR, drones, robots and other high-tech uses. The new processors is designed with ‘ON-chip SLAM’ for minimal power consumption, small form factor alongside is powerful depth sensing.

The NU4000 is capable of using its Deep Learning with core processors and hardware acceleration to deliver low-latency VR/AR experiences, by enabling object detection, classification and recognition to more accurately plot scenes and object placement in AR or Mixed Reality applications.

“With the NU4000, we are uniquely positioned to be the cornerstone chip for MR/VR, Robots and Drones, and are defining the Vision Processor Unit category,” said Mr. Shlomo Gadot – Inuitive Co-Founder & CEO, “We are excited to provide innovative products that address the needs of the market and paves the way for the future’s most advanced technologies.”

The NU4000 can connect to up to 6 cameras and two displays, and can synchronise and process inputs from multiple sources, but is only 7x8mm. Further information can be found on the Inuitive website.

VRFocus will continue to report on new hardware for VR and AR applications.

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