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iOS 11 Will Launch on 19th September

Only a week to go.

Today’s Apple event has featured lots of big product announcements from the tech company, but no major surprises, with a new iWatch, iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. On the augmented reality (AR) side the news has been so astounding with the company mentioning previously announced AR title The Machines. The most important news however was for iOS 11, with the operating software getting a release date of Tuesday, 19th September.

Whilst this will bring a range of new features, for developers working on AR projects with ARKit the date means consumers will be able to start using all these new apps that have been in development for the last few months.

Content revealed so far has included Luden.io’s ARrived, Combo’s Pigeon Panic, ApolloBox, ManoMotion, Scope AR’s Remote AR and many more. At present there’s been no confirmation about what apps will be available at launch, but over the course of the next week expect there to be plenty of announcements.

Apple had stayed quiet on its plans for any sort of AR and virtual reality (VR) development prior to the reveal of ARKit. With its consumer release next week Apple will beat its rival Google to market. Google unveiled ARCore last month, its yet to confirm a date for a consumer release.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Apple, reporting back with the latest updates.

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