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Nemesis VR screenshot 1

Kickstarter Campaign Nemesis VR Takes its Inspiration From Arcade Classics Like Asteroids

The campaign aims to raise £7,000.

Looking to bring some of the classic arcade action to virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMDs), British developer Fungun Ltd has launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its frantic shooter, Nemesis VR.

Player take control of a tiny space fighter with time-warping abilities, having to destroy waves of massive asteroids, squadrons of alien ships and much larger specialised tactical super ships. They’ll have to balance strategies, saving one resource while sacrificing another to survive. Then in between waves a big range of upgrades will be available to help improve those chances of success, boosting guns, improving targeting, strengthening shields and more.

Nemesis VR screenshot 2

While the core videogame is single-player featuring infinite levels across five gameplay modes (2x arcade, 1x mega shield, 2x rogue), there will also be a ‘Mates Modes’ local multiplayer, where friends can take it in turn to complete levels.

Currently Nemesis VR supports HTC Vive. With the Kickstarter Fungun wants to add support for Oculus Rift if it hits the £7,000 GBP goal. Additionally, two stretch goals of £27,000 and £42,000 have been included, with the first including PlayStation VR support, while the latter will add more enemies, HUD option, high score alert, theft feedback, level skip and more languages.

Pledges start from as little as £1, but to bag yourself a copy of the videogame you’ll need to back the £20 tier. Pledge more and you get goodies like downloadable artwork, the soundtrack or even name one of the alien ships.

VRFocus will be following Nemesis VR’s Kickstarter campaign, reporting back with any further updates.

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