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LevityPlay Discuss the Mechanics of Aerial Combat Title Skyfront

The title will launch on Steam in October.

Aerial combat titles tend to involve vehicles of some sort, whether that’s a plane, spaceship or other cockpit-based craft.  LevityPlay is going for a more unique mechanic for its upcoming virtual reality (VR) multiplayer Skyfront in that players fight it out in zero-gravity arenas – similar to Echo Arena.

Due to launch in October via Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Skyfront’s early access release will feature a single map, three weapons, four special abilities and two gameplay modes to begin with.

At the recent VRDC event in San Francisco, VRFocus sat down with LevityPlay’s CEO and founder Marko Mand to discuss the title, its development and what the studio has got planned for this multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS).

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