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Life In 360°: BRUME

brume /bruːm/ – noun (literary): mist or fog

We’ve something new for you today that takes us once again into the world of the arts.

If you follow the Life In 360° posts regularly you may well have seen our recent series of Friday posts focusing on the arts, where we followed a series of videos of a show in Venice where we’ve seen sculpture, interpretive dance, performance art, music and more. But it is dance which today’s video is based around.

Produced by Only in VR, LoudHoundMovement, Mallory Rosenthal and Brendan Duggan and directed by Mallory Rosenthal and Jesse Rosenberg, BRUME as the centre of a performance filmed in rocky waterways and a misty forest glen. As you move from a relatively normal dance studio quickly into what you assume will see you following a mysterious woman in a blue dress you are stopped by a rapidly appearing group of people all around you. The stop, they stare, they look as though they are judging. What exactly are they thinking? I suspect that interpretation is up to you. However, as with the word brume itself, a word meaning mist or fog, your view of the woman is quickly obscured by the people around you.

Immerse yourself for a short time in a somewhat haunted world (helped in large part by the score composed by Hannah Epperson) and wonder…

VRFocus will be back very soon with another look at how 360 degree video is being used.

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