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Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Life In 360°: From 5-Stars To All Of Them

Li360 looks at two very different places where you could stay on holiday, one a hotel, one a campground.

Those of you who read the thrice weekly toe dip into the world of 360 degree video that we call Life In 360° regularly will know that we often try to show off a variety of dfferent sights from around the world. Our travels taking us here, there and everywhere throughout the globe.  However every time we’ve done this the one thing we’ve not looked at has been, that, if were to visit these places, where exactly would we stay?

As such today’s two videos offer two views from contrasting locations where you can stay on holiday. The first comes courtesy of British newspaper The Telegraph and gives a behind the scenes look at The Goring: one of London’s most prestigious five-star hotel experiences and used by members of the Royal Family.  Here you can enjoy vintage champagnes, drink cognac from a crystal decanter in your private bar and dine in comfort in a Michelin star dining room.



Then we have somewhere else you can go. It’s not got as many luxuries, but it certainly has more blue sky. The location in question is Manistique Lakeshore Campground in Michigan, Missouri. CampgroundViews take a slow drive through the location and give viewers a bit of an idea s to the history and facilities of the plot.


We’ll be back with more Life In 360° on Wednesday at the usual time. Be on the look out for virtual reality (VR) news throughout the week on VRFocus.

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