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Life In 360°: Three Looks At Japan

More travel videos courtesy of Jonathation

There’s something wonderfully contradictory about Japan. The elegance, a simplicity of life, a strong sense of tradition and legacy of its history clashes wildly with its wild city excesses, and its strong creative culture in videogames, cinema, anime, manga and all that comes with it. There are many faces to Japan, a wonderful riddle – which is the true Japan or are all of them equally so? It’s a country I’ve had the fortune to visit once and loved every moment I got to explore it – but was rather restricted in what I could do due to the working nature of the visit.

I’ve long made a vow to go again and I’m very much hoping I’ll have the opportunity to do so next year as I’m saving up for a long, proper, vacation with a friend. This time going for longer, with my own timeable and with a friend to make things more fun.

As I consider this prospect (and wonder just how on earth I’m going to afford it) I thought it’d be nice to take in some travel location videos so we’re back with Jonathation who we’ve featured twice before on Li360. First back in December last year where we took in Budapest and then in mid-February this year where we focused on Italy. Thankfully Jonathation has also done some videos in Japan and so we’re going to look at three very different views of the country.

The first takes place inside somewhere many tourists are increasingly considering staying – a capsule hotel. (Have any VRFocus readers stay in one? I’m considering it for said vacation.) This one in particular being based in Tokyo.


Next up is The Great Pagoda: “The Dai-to pagoda in Koyasan (Japan) houses a beautiful cosmic Buddha (Dainichi-nyorai) and four attendant Buddhas painted on the pillars of the pagoda. Koyasan is a UNESCO world heritage site.”


Finally we’re off to Yakushima Island to get up close and personal with some sika deer aka yakushika.


Life In 360° is back on Monday, be sure to check out VRFocus throughout today and the weekend for the latest in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) news and features.

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