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Linguisticator Wins Funding To Develop VR Education Platform

Project to design platform for VR ‘memory palace’ creation gets EU funding.

A joint project between tech start-up Linguisticator and the University of Westminster to create a virtual reality (VR) platform to aid in memory and learning techniques has received £30,000 (GBP) in funding from the England European Regional Development Fund.

The project is titled Mancunx VR, and is being designed as a platform for building ‘memory palaces’ in VR. A memory palace in a memory technique that usually involves an imaginary location in your mind that can be used to store mnemonic images, sometimes also referred to as the Method of Loci. The technique is thought to improve spacial memory and enhance retention of information.

The designers of the project believe it can have several applications, such as language learning, medical training and education for subjects such as history and geography, where there is no substitute for pure memorisation.

“We are thrilled to win EU funding for Macunx VR and look forward to working with the University of Westminster on executing this project”, says Dr Aaron Ralby, inventor of Macunx VR and CEO of Linguisticator. “The ultimate aim of the project is to change the way we learn large and complex subjects. Rather than watering subjects down to make them easier, we want to empower people to learn rigorous disciplines by unlocking the potential of their spatial minds.”

“Westminster is very pleased to partner with Linguisticator on the development of Macunx VR”, says Markos Mentzelopoulos, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Westminster. “We have been working hard as an institution to promote research values and interests of the community through our graduate and research enterprise programs inspired by the latest immersive technologies for new generation apps.”

VRFocus will bring you further news on Mancunx VR as it becomes available.

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