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Mecha Mayhem to Bring Destructive Robot Carnage to HTC Vive

An early beta demo is available now.

While videogame genres like wave shooters have been well covered in virtual reality (VR) there’s now a growing trend among developers keen to satisfy that growing itch for some giant mech-based combat. 2017 has seen Luden.io release VRobot, Archangel from Skydance Interactive and The IOTA Project by Dreamsail Games. Soon there’s going to be another for HTC Vive owners with Mecha Mayhem having been announced.

Mecha Mayhem is due to have two core modes, a single-player survival campaign where players decimate their enemies, buildings and anything else that gets in their way called Mayhem. The other is a classic multiplayer PVP Deathmatch mode, designed as an all out slaughter of metal against metal.

Mecha Mayhem allamerican_walking

The developer is aiming for a ‘mech simulator’ style approach, rather than an arcade feel like some of the other titles previously mentioned.

“We’re focused on immersing the player as much as they can so that they actually feel like they’re controlling and piloting a mech rather than pull off the usual first-person shooter or VR hands mechanic,” states the team in an email to VRFocus. “We do that by having the controls be able to be physically grabbed. Movement, guns, and steering are all controlled with levers that you can reach out, grab, and move.”

And due to the small footprint of the cockpit design in Mecha Mayhem the team also see it as suitable for the growing VR arcade market, as venues could use a decent gaming chair and headphones alongside the VR tech.

Currently there’s no confirmation of a release date for Mecha Mayhem on HTC Vive, but if you want an early peek there’s a beta v0.102 download available through the official site.

For the latest updates on Mecha Mayhem, keep reading VRFocus. 

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