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Meet Famous Painter Rembrandt With Gear VR

Meeting Rembrandt: Master of Reality is available for free from the Oculus Store.

Virtual reality (VR) content creators Force Field have been working in collaboration with Oculus Studios to create a new VR experience for the Samsung Gear VR that lets users travel back in time to meet one of the world’s most famous artists, Rembrandt van Rijn.

The experience combines CGI environments with live actors to create historical journey. The user will find themselves in 17th Century Amsterdam, home of iconic Dutch painter Rembrandt, a witness to key points in the life of the painter, including the creation of one of the most valuable paintings of all time ‘The Night Watch’.

“One of the cool things about VR is that we can bring history to life in a very immersive way.” says Arthur Houtman, CEO of Force Field. “It’s as if you are actually there, up-close with Rembrandt, in his atelier, in his house, as he interacts with you and lets you understand why his work was so controversial in that day and age.”

The experience was designed to display the true capabilities of interactive mobile VR, and how lifelike and immersive such experiences can be. Unlike 360-degree video, Meeting Rembrandt: Master of Reality features interactivity in that Rembrandt will respond and react to the user’s actions.

Meeting Rembrandt: Master of Reality is available as a free download for Samsung Gear VR users from the Oculus Store.

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