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MindMaze Welcomes Leonardo DiCaprio As Investor and Advisor

Actor and activist joins advisory board as company continues its work in social VR.

MindMaze is best known for its work with artificial intelligence, augmented reality (AR) and social interactions in virtual reality (VR). The company has now welcomed a new member of its advisory board, actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio will be acting as investor and advisor to the company as it expands its creative technology portfolio and continues its work in the social VR area. Earlier this year, MindMaze launched its social VR product, MASK, uses machine learning and biosignal processing to understand real-life expressions and replicate those expressions on a VR avatar, to enable more natural and immersive social interactions within virtual environments. MASK can work with any existing platform or console and works in real-time to understand a user’s expressions and apply them on any application.

“We are already seeing immense potential for the application of our technology outside of healthcare, specifically in entertainment, sports and social VR,” said Dr. Tej Tadi, CEO and founder of MindMaze. “As we continue to gain traction in these industries, the addition of Leo to our advisory board is a vote of confidence in our technology and road map for ushering in a new age of interaction between humans and machines.”

“MindMaze technology has already impacted the lives of many people, and it is poised to define the way we will experience and create content in the future,” said DiCaprio. “I am excited about the possibilities of MindMaze’s technology, especially for its potential to be a driving force in media and entertainment in the years to come.”

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