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Shooty Fruity screenshot

More Jobs Will be Available at the Grocery Store in nDreams ‘Shooty Fruity’

There’s a lot of juice.

nDreams announced virtual reality (VR) shooter Shooty Fruity back in August this year and since then VRFocus has managed to try out the game, so you can find a preview here.

At Gamescom VRFocus spoke to Pat McGuigan, producer of Shooty Fruity and asked him what the videogame was all about. The brain child behind the game was an audio dev at nDreams. The studio allow their developers to come up with ideas and pitch concepts to the product planning group. After prototyping it, they fell in love with the concept and went straight into production.

The demo showcased a single role as somebody working at the check-out of a grocery store, where your job is to scan items. However genetically modified fruit start coming out of the aisles and attacking you. Luckily this isn’t an ordinary grocery store, you get to choose guns that come from a railing on your top left and shoot the fruit as they come towards you. The more you scan, the better your guns get.

McGuigan explains that there are a variety of different guns and it’ll be a single-player videogame when Shooty Fruity  launches. However they might be thinking of adding co-op or multiplayer. At launch Shooty Fruity will also allow the player to take on more jobs at the grocery store, although which ones – McGuigan did not confirm. Built from the ground up for VR to use motion and touch controls, Shooty Fruity can be purchased late holiday 2017 for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR.

To find out more watch the video below.

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