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More Windows 10 Mixed Reality Devices To Run on Integrated Graphics

Intel’s Skunkworks R&D have been working closely with Microsoft to lower barriers to entry for MR.

It was previously reported on VRFocus that the upcoming Windows 10 mixed reality (MR) device from Lenovo, the Lenovo Explorer, would be able to run some MR applications using integrated graphics. Now information has emerged suggesting other Windows 10 MR devices might also be able to use integrated graphics.

According to investigations by Digital Trends, Intel is heavily invested in virtual reality (VR) and MR and is interested in allowing users to make use of the Intel UHD integrated graphics that come as standard with many Intel-based PC motherboards and laptops.

For the most part, users who want to play VR videogames or use VR applications need a high-end graphics card such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. Some members of Intel’s R&D team are wanting this to change.

Dell Visor

Speaking to Digital Trends, Kim Pallister, director of Intel’s Virtual Reality Center of Excellence said: “The PC industry works really well when there’s a good, better, best model, and people can pick the price-performance tradeoffs they want. We started to do a number of things to say, OK, what would it take to still hit a really high-quality experience, one that doesn’t make people nauseated or things like that, but dials down other areas, in terms of visual fidelity,” she explained, “There’s no reason Minecraft in VR isn’t feasible,” Pallister said. “The important part is that it’s still comfortable, cool, and immersive.”

Intel have been working with Microsoft on the Windows 10 MR project. Specifically mentioned was the Dell Visor, part of the range of Windows 10 MR devices expected to go on sale in October, 2017. It seems that, similar to the Lenovo Explorer, the Dell Visor will support integrated graphics for some applications. If the other Windows 10 MR devices from Acer, HP and Asus will do the same is unknown at this time, but since all the devices share similar specifications, it seems likely.

VRFocus will continue to bring you information on Windows 10 Mixed Reality devices.

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