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Who Is It Cubera

Never Forget a Name Again Thanks to Microsoft HoloLens and Cubera

Got a HoloLens? The Who Is It? app is already available.

Ever bumped into a familiar face, an old acquaintance or work colleague for example, but you can’t remember their name? This situation will have occurred to most people at some point, so now with the wonders of augmented reality (AR) this may prove to be a thing of the past. Swiss company Cubera has designed an app for Microsoft HoloLens that can bring this information up just by looking at them.

The company has released a video showcasing its app, Who Is It?, wandering around what looks to be its offices with employees names and job titles popping up.

Apart from the video Cubera hasn’t released any details on the app so this looks to be an early demonstration of an on going project. Who Is It? likely uses Microsoft Azure and its cloud-based cognitive toolkit for the face recognition side of things, and it’s already available to HoloLens developers.

This is the type of app AR is perfectly suited for so it would be great to see it come to mobile devices in the future – the $3000 USD cost of HoloLens doesn’t really make for a consumer product – or what about a port to Windows Mixed Reality headsets?

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