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Oleg Chumakov Spills the Beans on ARrived at Gamescom

It’s not that easy being god.

VRFocus has discussed ARrived before, an augmented reality (AR) god simulation videogame created on Apple’s ARKit, that’ll support iPhone 6s and iPad Pro as well as all newer Apple devices. You will be able to download the game for a very low price when released.

VRFocus got its hands-on with ARrived at Gamescom 2017 last month before interviewing Luden.io’s CEO Oleg Chumakov. He explained the studio couldn’t be more excited about the prospect of moving away from the traditional PC or mobile screen to the actual space around a player. AR allows the player to move to different rooms in order to interact with things and Luden.io were unable to miss the opportunity to build for it.

Inspired by other god simulation videogames like Black and White as well as Populous, the player has to decide whether to be a good or bad good to their followers or tribes folk using an early option that appears on the left or right hand of the screen. Players can interact with the objects they place in the environment such as moving or scaling and some quests will dependent on the environment they’ve built for their tribe in-game. Depending on the way players want to play god will have various endings, from lighting everything on fire to a ‘happy ever after’ ending.

ARrived will be released in September or October and the game lasts for five to seven minutes. As hardware continues to develop the game will last longer as newer versions come out. In future updates, a multiplayer will be introduced where players have to fight against other gods.

To find out more watch the video below.


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